Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top-five politcal embarrassments of 2011

Journalists love lists.

Journalists love lists so much that they place them side-by-side with such noble endeavors as the profile and the expose among the seven main article types taught in magazine-writing classes. (There's even a list of the top list headlines, if you can believe that).

There are of course things journalists love more than lists, and one of them is watching politicians step in their own poo. Lucky for us there was a lot of that going on in 2011. This year we witnessed something of an epidemic of foot-in-mouth disease. A entire colony of the virus seems to be attached to the GOP presidential field, passing from one candidate to the next like a lollipop at a chicken pox party. But Democrats too have had their share of stupid, shortsighted or just plain “ick” moments, some involving their mouths, and others attached to less auspicious parts of the body.

My magazine writing professor instructed us to use odd numbers for our lists, like the nine best TV shows of the year, or – come to think of it – the seven main article types taught in magazine-writing classes. He said they stand out more that way and leave the reader wanting more. So in honor of him, I give you the five biggest political embarrassments of 2011. Click here to read more at the Philly Post.